scam website warning

Do NOT buy anything from as the men behind it as of today was illegally obtained this website through unauthorized data breach and illegal transfer of the website using forged documents and spoofed emails.

Its been comfirmed however the people involved in this are not invisible and proper authorities have been nbotified about this theft and police are now involved in the matter.

Its been reportet that several people have paid, mainly in Bitcoin to the persons behind this scam and left with no product in return.
Note – The scammers did steal the website but not the actual products such as the software and downlaodable products you yould intent to recieve once buying a system.

If you still would like to buy from them and ignore all scam warnings out there for this website here are some advice:

Upon payment: 
Ask for verification of the buyer – Photo ID, Face time, Facebook account or a copy of a valid ID and a selfie.

If you actually get any of theese documents, google it as its simple to claim anything theese days.

Second, when you pay, Pay using Paypal and NOT crypto currency,

Reason – when you realize you will get no software or you will get something else totally different from what you are paying you can simply get your money back from paypal quick and easy with no issues.

Common sense – When something seems to good to be true
Then this is most likely something fishy aswell.

Software knowledge – the people that actually owns betscripts before this theft knows all corners of the system structure, features and functions – 
Scammers today dont have the same code knowledge by far and cannot support you at all, and finally – they dont have the software accessable after you buy anything.

Be aware – For your own good – Do not buy from