Awesome features of the betting script

Still not decided yet if you want to go with one of our betting scripts?
Well, let me explain a bit better what you actually can do with our scripts.

You can manually put limits on all matches such as minimum / maximum bets, you can also decude that nobody can win more then lets say 2 usd on any match but the minimum deposit per match is 5 usd, theese kinds of settings are all up to you to decide.

For casino, we have a sililar structure where you can set maximum winnings, winning percentages and many other awesome features, if you play your cards right you can never go bankrupcy with our betting scripts.

Payment gateways that is allready included in the systems are:
* Skrill
* Bank transfer
* Novipal
* Paypal
* Manual credits (cash in hand and manual adding funds from admin)

We also integrated Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum and more then 2000+ other crypto currencies so you can choose whatever suits you.

Control players, their bets and you decide when you payout winnings or not, we only provide you the software and the rest is up to you.